Delinte D7 Tyres Available in Carlisle

Delinte D7



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The D7 is V, H, W and Y speed-rated, so expect high-performance handling! But, as the accompanying graph shows, you can also expect a comfortably quiet ride, too. Roll down the windows and enjoy!

Performance-enhancing silica compound and tread design. 
The D7’s advanced high traction compound is tuned for performance, and so is the blaze-shaped tread pattern. Expect great traction, superb fuel economy and a comfortable ride.
Wet grip grooves. 
The four wide longitudinal grooves evacuate road water and resist hydroplaning.
Noise absorbing groove design. 
Groove shape and the scores on the groove sides absorb vibration and reduce airflow noise.

Tyre Size Fully fitted price:
Size 17 Tyres
Delinte D7 195/40R17 81W C C 70
Delinte D7 205/45R17 88W D C 70
Size 19 Tyres
Delinte D7 225/35R19 84W
Delinte D7 225/40R19 93W D C 72
Delinte D7 225/45R19 96W D C 72
Delinte D7 235/35R19 91W D C 72
Delinte D7 245/35R19 97W D C 72
Delinte D7 245/40R19 98W D C 72
Delinte D7 245/45R19 98Y D C 74
Size 20 Tyres
Delinte D7 245/40R20 99W D C 74
Size 22 Tyres
Delinte D7 265/30R22 97W D C 75